Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Starting Fresh. Starting New.

Ok, so I'm starting this whole blogging thing over. Like, completely. I feel like I never got off on the right foot the first time. Anyways, with some inspiration and persuasion from my guy, I ended up deciding to get back into it.

So, let me do a little bit of explaining of what I'm all about. Don't worry, I won't bore you to death. I'll be brief. We just bought our first home together, so there is a lot of projects and DIY and trials that will be going on, and I will share some, of course. As well as a lot of cooking and photographing and memories that will be made, which I will share as well. Don't worry, this wont be too personal and I wont pour my heart out too you, but I will definitely share some things with you. I'm feeling I'm starting to ramble.
Photos: 1. Our first tree 2. Our dog Topaz and my feet 3. A dozen roses that Cody left on my car for me while I was at a friend date 4. I've started running everyday (that's my new challenge).

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