Tuesday, August 19, 2014

7 Months Old

7 months old and such a little adventurer already.
He loves to crawl and use the couch to stand on up.
He loves chicken and cheerios.
He knows when he is tired and fusses and crawls over to me to sit in my lap and go to sleep.
He loves destroying block towers and chewing on everything.
He has two bottom teeth and his hair is coming in more.
He loves to run around in his walker and hates going on car rides.
He loves bath time and hates his high chair.
He still likes being worn occasionally and still breastfeeds like a champ.

I love this stage so much. I love being his mama.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thoughts // Motherhood

When I found out that I was going to be a mother, I really didn't know what to think. Growing up, you learn what a mother is; from your own, storybooks, movies, etc... but you really never sit and think about the kind of mother you will be, well I didn't at least! When I was pregnant with Alexander I had a lot of goals of what I wanted, some that weren't realistic and some that were. Having my sweet bundle of joy threw out everything I knew about being a mother. I was treading water and learning to hold my head above water. But, needless to say, everything I have learned has changed me for the better. My son has taught me patience; patience I didn't have before. Selflessness; which I was lacking. Love; a new level I am learning to grasp. Amazement; especially with all the things he learns. He has also taught me that I can't always plan everything and sometimes I need to just slow down and cherish these moments. I often found myself saying before he started crawling, "Oh I just wish he would crawl." Now, that he is, I do love it, but I am very glad I cherished the moments that he didn't and sometimes I wish I did more. Alexander comes to me for everything, but especially when he is fussy. He will crawl over to me and climb on me, those are the moments I have learnt are for me to slow down and cherish his young little self. 
Not only has he taught me to appreciate him as a baby, but also the world around me. He has rekindled in me my fascination for people. We all used to be this small and not know how to do the simplest things. I've learnt to cherish the hormonal weather where I live and the uniqueness of the world around me. I don't need materialistic things to keep me happy. Just my sweet family and an acute sense of wonder. 
My son is my world, I am with him all the time and it is absolutely one of the greatest blessings to me to be a mother. I will hold these memories in my heart forever. The snuggles and sweet smiles, the good and the bad, the curious and the sleepy. The things I will remember and he may not. Always remember that babies don't keep.