Friday, November 28, 2014

Update // It's Been A While

So, my lovely chunk of a baby is now 10 months old! He acts like such a lil toddler! He walks everywhere, loves to show me what he wants to wear (mainly just pulls all his clothes out), loves to be outside and help me with the clothes on the line (try to pull them all down, pretty much), and most of all still loves his mommy to death. We have had a very busy few months with moving and adjusting to everything new. 

I have been doing my crochet business, but being a mommy first and foremost. I've been trying to get out of the house more and walk more and trying to motivate myself, but its starting to get a bit cooler and its been very hard to motivate myself. There isn't really much to update about me...

More about Alexander: he loves to fake laugh * chase the cat around * play with his little friend Justin * LOVES elmo (we try to limit it to one episode a day - am snuggles) * loves to eat turkey * collects leaves and loves to give them to me * hates sleeping * loves playing with balls * just figured out how to make them move with his feet, yesterday * still nurses like a champ (woop) * I could go on forever.

It's been such a blessing being this little guys mom. He is perfect. The love a mother has for their child is crazy. I could still sit and hold him all night while he sleeps and just stare at his sweet and handsome little face. He makes me so happy. I can't believe in just under TWO months he will be turning ONE!!! (which means I need to start planning his little party) I am very excited for this chapter of my life. I feel so called to be a mother, a help-mate, care-taker. It is my most favorite thing. 

How has life been for you?