Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Time: Tofu

Tonight was my first time cooking Tofu myself. It's actually a little bit more complicated than I thought. Since Tofu comes in a package with water in it, it needs to be pressed, because if you don't take the water out of the tofu it wont absorb the flavoring as well. 

There is such thing as a Tofu Press (d.i.y. for that soon), which I don't have so I had to do it an alternate way; Ok, to press the tofu, it's best to cut the block into four pieces width way (so their thin), they look like flat rectangles. Then, get a cookie pan and lay a dish towel down and put four or five layers of paper towel on top of the towel. Then, put the tofu, four or five more paper towels another dish towel. And, if you have another cookie pan put it on top and put a decent amount of weight on it. I put canned foods and other heavy things. When doing it that way, you have to let it sit for an hour or more (they say preferably over night to get all the water out). Or you can put manual pressure on it and have it done in 15 minutes. Your choice. 

Then, you have to marinate the tofu, not bad, right? Right, just as long as you don't have an oil based marinade. Oil and water don't mix, so the tofu wont hold the flavoring as well. 

 So, to marinade, I cut them up into bite size pieces and laid them in a pan, then I poured the Mango Chipotle Barbecue Sauce on them (pictured below)
Then, I grilled them in my grill pan (which doesn't take very long) and served them. The guys (being Royce and Cody) actually liked them, so that is a success for me! Try supplementing your meat for tofu one night, it's actually pretty good. And has plenty of protein!