Monday, April 22, 2013

End of April // Birthday Weekend

The end of April has been interesting for me. Few reasons:
1. I've finally got past my plateau and I have started losing weight again. That's good.
2. Our house has been on the market for two months and we have had a lot of showings, but no offers. That's a struggle.
3. I clean all the time, non stop. And I'm in the awkward stage of packing, but yet not. So the house is awkwardly empty and I have to resist the urge to get new items to fill it again.
4. It was Cody's birthday this past Saturday on the 20th. We had a very relaxing day filled with bed and video games. A much needed day of mindlessness. 
5. Mika got fixed and it is a struggle to keep her calm until her next appointment. I just gave up. Although, this Thursday I am interested to see how much more weight she has gained since last week. I'm ready to see full grown Mika.
6. I've hit a creativity block. That's a major struggle.

Anyways, I hope your April has been fantastic!
 I love my water glasses. They help me make sure I get enough water in a day.

 Their my new favorite fruit of the season. So delicious.

 This was on Cody's birthday. She has been very snuggly lately.
 And avoiding pictures, as always.
 We went to the beach the other day with Cody's old neighbor. They played football and skim boarded a bit. It was nice, not too sunny, just perfect for how I was feeling that day.

We're going to miss the beach, a lot. There are definitely plans to come back when we move.