Thursday, December 12, 2013

Packing for the Hospital

When you get to the 34 week mark (which I am on Saturday!?!?!?!?!), they recommend that you have yours and the baby's hospital bag pretty much packed and ready to go. So, reluctantly, I started packing my bag. I say reluctant because I am in denial and am extremely nervous for the time to come. It is definitely overwhelming and exciting. 

Here is a basic list of what I packed for myself:
~dry shampoo
~comfy large shirts (3)
-sweatpants (3)
~underwear I am willing to throw away (bought some from walmart)
~disposable nursing pads (whether you decide to breastfeed or not, definitely comes in handy)
~nursing bras (I am planning on breastfeeding)
~nipple cream
~toothbrush and toothpaste
~makeup bag
~camera and camera charger
~phone and phone charger
~books (2)
~blanket and pillow (Im weird about hospital stuff)
~possibly going to throw my computer into the mix (all depends)

There is probably something important I'm missing, but fortunately I live right across the street from the hospital.

Here is what I packed for baby:
~receiving blankets (2)
~burp clothes (2)
~bibs (2)
~mittens (2)
~socks (2)
~going home outfit
~diapers and wipes
~boppy aka nursing pillow

I pretty much packed what I would in a diaper bag to bring with me for him.

When looking online for recommended lists, they all seemed great, but for  
some reason they all felt like they were missing something. They aren't, I was just overthinking it. I pretty much made my own list and had at it from there. 

I'm sure there will be something I'm missing at some point, but I'll figure it out. I will also probably update later what was actually an essential and what was unnecessary.

Is there anything that you packed that you thought was a must have? Or something you forgot that you thought was a must have? Definitely leave your advice in the comments below.