Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clean Living // Sugar Scrub

Have you ever gone to an organic store for natural and healthy things for your body and realized that the stuff is ridiculous expensive for the small amount that you're getting. So, I decided that I wanted to try clean living on a budget. Everything in this you either have on hand or can get easily from the store.

  • Sugar
  • Olive Oil (you can use almond oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil)
  • Lemon Juice (I squeezed it fresh out of the lemons so it isn't processed)
  • Essential Oil of your choice (completely optional, I didn't use it)
In a bowl I put about two cups of sugar, half a cup of oil and a whole lemon squeezed and mixed it. Adjust the ingredients to how you want your scrub to be.

I use this about every two or three days and it makes my skin feel amazing. Exfoliating your skin helps repair damaged areas, like stretch marks; and I must say after two weeks of everyday use my stretch marks are a lot lighter. With that, I also moisturize at least 4 times a day and keep them out of the sun.

This also makes great gifts, you could decorate the jar however you want and even include a small spoon for scooping it out. I think I might go thrifting for some small old tea spoons and include them in the gifting of this. 

What kind of essential oils do you like?