Thursday, December 13, 2012

Summer Europe Trip.

I went to Europe this past summer with my family, and I absolutely loved it. It was pretty, artistic, tasty and just all around fun. My favorite thing was walking around endlessly not being able to understand people (and of course take pictures), I'm being serious; I was completely enamored. Everything was different, thats their life, that language and that amount of tourists, all the time. 

Here are only a few snapshots of Europe, maybe I'll share more soon.

 we went to a perfume factory called Fragonard, and it was amazing. They're perfumes are very strong, have interesting names and are just wonderful. I bought one of every kind..
 The wine over there, as you may guess, is as good as you thought. I got wine drunk more than once at lunch time. It'd be really bad because the places we would go would have white and red wine out and I would always have a glass of each, at least. White, I would say is my favorite. 
 Dessert was a necessity, all the time. Always is, always will be
 Espresso. Always. I had to put a bit of sugar in it because it is a wee bit strong for me, but it definitely woke me from my wine drunk lunch slumber.
 Italy. is. gorgeous.
Again, I repeat myself.