Thursday, January 10, 2013

Casual Days

Today has been one of those days that start off wrong then it turns around.. I slept bad, had a bad hair day (that is more often than not) and a few other things. I end up having to call out of work for a court thing, and worked out until i felt like vomiting, and had a Herbalife shake that tasted like Mint Chocolate.To me, it ended pretty promising.

Anyways, here are a few pictures and I'll share lessons later!
The other day, I had a meeting with my boss at a local restaurant. It serves breakfast from 7am - 2pm and has dinner till close. I had to take a picture because it was my first time, the food was cheap and its my new favorite. It's called Gourmet Kitchen. Check it out.
This is my puppy. Her name is Topaz. I love her so.