Friday, January 11, 2013

It's all about Copywriting

8/365: Copywriting, I brought it up a little bit yesterday, and I basically want to stress how important it is to understand the law as a writer. Actually, I really recommend the book The Law (in Plain English) for Writers by Leonard D. DuBoff and Bert P. Krages, II. There are pro's and con's to copywriting. Pro's: it protects your works from being copied from others. Cons: if the laws are too strict, you can chill your creative side. Writers use other writers works to learn, quote or even to help create their writing style. 
Copywriting is basically the act of copying someone else's work and taking it as your own. Illegal, unless you ask for permission or give them full credit. 

Now, if you are "working for hire" then the work you write is NOT your work. It's belongs to who you are writing for. Why? because you aren't writing it for yourself and your own things, your writing for someone else and that is the point of writing for hire. They hire you to write for them. Basic.

9/365: Goes with the above.. Write about what you love, it makes it easier to write. There is a market somewhere out there that will enjoy what you are writing about. But, that doesn't mean you need to be closed minded all the time, sometimes expanding your horizons makes you learn new things you'll enjoy writing about. I'v figured that out first hand.

10/365: Ok, if you are blogging, and you aren't having fun blogging or loving what you are doing, then you need to figure out what your real niche is. Your niche is what you are good at and what your blog is all about. Find it, I assure you, you'll have more fun writing.

11/365:Take 5 minutes out of your day to actually listen to the music, smell the roses and savor your cup of coffee. You will be less stressed, more peaceful and more ready for the day!

Ok, I'm off to pressure wash the walkway, have a good day!