Monday, January 7, 2013


Photo credit to Cody Corley. He truly is a blessing.
Don't keep your expectations too high, especially while blogging. You can't expect to make tons of money in your first month or a million views in a month (unless if you have a secret, then you should tell me). Basically, you can't expect immediate results. It takes a lot of patience and networking. My goal as a new blogger is to double my page views a month. Realistic, right? Probably. It possibly wont happen right away and I know that. But, it's a goal. So, it's teaching me patience.

A barrel from a winery when I was in Europe. It was in Greece. So good, ah!
It's very common for new bloggers to make mistakes. I have. The key is to learn from other people's mistakes. Use them as lessons. A really good idea is to follow other blogs,let them show you whatnot to do and also to inspire you. Don't ever copy work, especially if you don't ask permission or give credit to the original blogger. I made that mistake and someone came to me and confronted me about it. I changed everything because of that and vowed never to make that mistake again.

Good luck!