Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More of what I Learned

I've been busy lately, to say the least. But, I haven't forgot about my blog!

Here are my lessons for the past few days (and two completely random photos).

11/365: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Relying on one thing to get you where you want in life, isn't always the way that people succeed. Going through all different avenues to achieve your goal will help you 1 be more well rounded in what you want to do and 2 may even get you to where you want quicker. 

12/365: When blogging, choose features that fit your blog. These days I have been doing Elsie's Blog Love e-course (which I highly recommend for a new blogger). I have learnt so many different things for blogging. In Session 5, she talks about having focused features and having quality over quantity. It's true. Why blog about something that doesn't fit you? It's obvious to blog reader's when you are blogging about something you don't love and something that doesn't fit you. Think about it. A blogger's writing style shows everything. For example: I picked Weekly Lessons, New things in Life, and Food as my three main things. Then, I picked different ways to portray those things. Mind you, I will blog about other things here and there.

13/365: As a blogger, don't follow the crowd. Be a trendsetter. Not a follower. Which, in the beginning can be hard as you are trying to find your own voice. But, search. And you will find.

Picture from my mile a day challenge. Keep running guys!
14/365: Multitasking isn't always the best or easiest thing. Time Management is better. Give yourself time throughout the day for each activity you have planned. This is something I'm really teaching myself. It can be trying to try not to multitask and to learn to time manage. But, to me, it is vital to not go crazy.

15/365: Take 5 minutes out of your day to breathe. I've been getting really stressed lately and my guy gave me some advice about taking time out of my day. I have work, school, and other things to maintain. So, I've decided to start enjoying my drive to work, my nightly tea and even watching the guys do crazy things. It's  extremely important to me to start teaching myself this now, so whenever we start having a family I can start enjoy the little things more (which is a new years resolution/goal of mine).
Super duper thrift find for $2.99. I love it. Outfit post later?