Thursday, January 3, 2013

Turkey Alfredo and Pasta

I actually cooked dinner for the first time since Christmas, so it is also the first time for the New Year. It wasn't hard, and I used what we had at home and made us all food. 

Basically, our house always has someone over. And currently my other half's brother lives with us; and our friend always comes over and stays for about a week at a time.

I used 3 different types of pasta: linguini, bow-tie and shells
4 cans of ragu Alfredo sauce (I bought what was buy one get one free at Publix) 
1.5 pounds of turkey meat
Oregano and Garlic Salt

 I couldn't fit it all in the pot I had, so I ended up using the one I cooked the meat in.

It was super simple to make and tasted really good. At least, I think it was by the empty pots and pans and plates. It's the perfect 30 min meal. And you can obviously make it healthy by adding turkey meat, wheat pasta and even a healthier sauce.