Thursday, January 3, 2013


Did I tell you I was excited for this new year already? Probably. There is so much promise and learning and possibilities, especially if you keep your mind open. 

I'm starting a few days late, so I have to make up for it, but I am doing a #mileaday challenge for this new year, on top of a weight loss goal (that I will be very happy if I meet). I'll tell you what I am doing for that another time.

I want to get to going somewhere with my photography and my writing (actually, I got a job writing as a ghost writer for a book. I'm so excited).

So, coming soon there will be a lot of experimenting and learning. I just got two new cameras. One is a Nikon D40 and the other is a Minolta x-700 35mm SLR that I got with 3 different lenses and some other fun accessories. I also have the Sony nex-7, which is my favorite to bring around most of the time. And then, I have my phone, which is useful for spur of the moment photos, especially when I don't have my cameras.

And a goal with that would be taking more photos of our home and our life in general. I feel like I have been slacking and not capturing our lives more. So, that would be a major goal. 

I recommend writing down goals, don't be to vague or too specific, but make sure you are getting what you want to accomplish out of it. Good luck on your new goals and resolutions for the year!