Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vacation Time

We have been out of town visiting Codys mom,  and we have been really enjoying ourselves. We have had a bit of a tough time becaise our cat came in injured (we bring them everywhere) and his tooth was broken and busted up. We brought him to the vet and the gave us some pain killers for him. So, to say the least, he has been pretty loopy, but he is getting a lot better, thankfuly. 

Anyways, we have been to the zoo, shopping and even found a cute cupcake place. So, othet than poor Leo, we are enjoying ourselves. Hope you have had a fantastic week! 

Also  I have no internet, so I havent been posting, but I do have internet on my phone and will answer any emails. Have a fantastic St. PATTY'S DAY and be safe!