Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're Home!

I always love going on road trips. Well, normally when I don't have to drive and I have something to do. I get bored extremely easily, so I have to keep myself entertained. Whether its on Instagram, thinking of blog posts, listing to music, or reading; I have to keep myself entertained or I become extremely annoying. I can't even sleep in the car, so I get quite restless. 
Anyways, here are some photos from our trip.
 After Leo's accident, he slept a lot. And Cody's mom has these lovely lace curtains, they were his favorite thing to lay in. It was adorable.
 On the car ride there, he layed under Cody's seat. Such a chicken.
 She just slept and then woke up when we stopped to pee, then slept some more.
 The sun was absolutely gorgeous there. And this cute little plant holder was given to her by her mom (who we call MawMaw). It's absolutely adorable, I want something like that for my plants, but I want it inside. It'd be the perfect entry accent piece.

 Oh, just a case of cactus gone wild.
 Favorite chocolate #1.
 Favorite chocolate #2
 Leo buddy finally healing after his accident; he had me so worried.
 There is an adorable cupcake place called, Cupcake By the Sea and it was delicious. I had to, of course, have the Red Velvet one. Maybe when we go back next week, I'll have to try another. 
The trip was splendid. Now, we are home for the weekend before we leave again this Monday. We, also, have my sister-in-law with us this weekend. I love being around family so much! How was your week? What'd you do?