Friday, March 8, 2013

What's in My Grocery Cart

I've finally decided to start changing how I eat all day. I used to just do herbalife and eat a super unhealthy meal, which I wasn't proud of, but I always ate in a hurry. I still lost weight (40 lbs), but I have a bit to go and I reached a plateau. And, living with someone, it is very hard to completely change your diet when your cooking for two (or more) unless they're on board (or willing to make their own food). So, it's taken me a bit, but I finally got Cody to agree to try different things, which I am very excited about (vegan and vegetarian friendly foods coming soon!).
So, instead of Santinas (our chip of choice), we got Veggie Straws. Raisins to snack on and brown rice to include in several of my recipes. Basically, it takes saying no to the unhealthy things you love the most and saying yes to something different and healthy. 
Instead of meat, I've decided to start eating tofu. And don't worry I'm getting all my protein by doing two Herbalife shakes a day and tofu has protein too. Most people don't think they could eat tofu, Cody included, but it doesn't need to be drab and plain, you can season them and make them taste however you want. Edamame is the perfect snack when your craving something salty. It's absolutely perfect for me. I'm not a pomegranate drinker, its Cody's, but I told him I'm willing to try it, since he is trying all the things that I'm going to make. Also, I'm trying to replace as much dairy as possible, so I got Coconut milk instead, which is absolutely delicious and it has calcium. 

It's not really that hard to change your diet, and trust me, you probably wont succeed in the beginning. And that's ok, making a drastic change is hard to deal with unless you are 1oo% focused (which a lot of people are, I'm not). Is there any tips on good healthy foods that you enjoy? Any vegetarian or vegan recipes I should try? Comment them!