Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dog Days Are Over // Dog Park

1. I absolutely love that song by, Florence and the Machines. Watch the music video here.

2. My favorite thing about having house showings, is having to escape from the house with the dogs. So, what do we do? We go to the local dog park. They run and run and run and run some more and come home completely exhausted and pretty much sleep the rest of the day. I think its a fantastic thing for a dog to do, get exercise. If you have a dog and a local dog park make sure your pooches meet it. They will probably, more than likely, without a shadow of a doubt, make some friends. Whether dog or human. It's also a great opportunity to soak up some Vitamin D, meet new people and talk about your dogs just because you can. A lot of the people that go to the dog parks think very highly of their dogs and love to talk about them and also like to learn a little bit about your dog. It's a great place for dogs and dog lovers. So, I recommend it. Have you every brought your dog to the dog park? How much did they like it? Also, doesn't Mika look absolutely adorable and absolutely exhausted in this photo? She kind of got irritated with me because I woke her up.