Friday, April 12, 2013

Dining Room Make Over // Fresh Coat of Paint

Originally, this room was a blue-ish gray color. It kind of clashed with our grey counter tops, so, Cody decided that he wanted to paint it white. So, away we went and spent the afternoon painting it. It looks absolutely fantastic.

1. A fresh coat of paint can change a room.
2. White paint can really open a room. A lot.

This room is a really large room. It isn't supposed to be the dining room. It's supposed to be a formal living area, or an area to entertain guests while you're preparing food in the kitchen. I wanted it to be like a sitting room, but it wasn't exactly plausible. But, I like it as our dining room, because our actual dining room is our office and connected to our living room. 

Our house was built in the 70's, so it's layout is interesting. I'll have a full home tour soon and that will go in depth of the layout and how it all works. But, basically, it is a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath, with the half bath downstairs and both the bedroom upstairs with their own bathroom. I like that a lot, especially when we have guests, no one needs a reason to go up there. But, the dining room in this house is the least used and the kitchen the most. It's just how it happens.

The white really brightens the room, a lot. Which is extremely important, at least during the day because there is no ceiling fixture for this room, at all. There is this giant window that lets in plenty of natural light, and I love that. But when it was blue-ish gray, it was no where near as bright as it was white. 

And I think these flowers ad the perfect touch.

Color and light does a lot to a room. It will either make it small and dark, or light and big. Personally, I love white on walls, it makes it easy to do whatever you want to the room. Just my opinion. 

Oh, and here is the close up of our amazing clock, I love it so. Sometimes, you can find pretty awesome things when you least expect it. Keep your eyes peeled.