Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life in Phone Photos // Spring

Firstly, I definitely think you should follow me on Instagram, my username is bbrittanyyannn! Anyways, here are just a few photos of my life this past week. Not much.
 Leo is the best cat in all the land, well only because he is mine and the only cat I've actually like. But as a "mom" to my animals, they'll always be better than anyone else's (: They're my babies.
 This past weekend was rainy, but then it turned into beautiful mid 80 degree weather days and I absolutely love it because we take the top off the jeep and just drive around because we can. Oh, and its time for allergies, pollen is everywhere. I just swept up the porch yesterday and its already covered. That's life though: the never ending struggle of cleaning.
And of course its spring time. I've been flooding my house with flowers because I absolutely love the way they make a house homey. I leave my windows open and air off so that the breeze can come through the house. It just makes it fresh.

What are some of your favorite flowers?