Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mika 6 Months

Update: Mika is doing fantastic with pottying outside and actually telling us when she needs to go. Well, not exactly telling but letting us know in her own cute way. She now ways 25 lbs exactly (which is surprisingly small for a german shepherd her age-so we think she will be husky sized). It's amazing that she is six months old since we got her

Yesterday, she got fixed and she hasn't exactly been the happiest camper. I think this is the only happy moments we have had since we brought her back home yesterday. She has been sleeping and wimpering. It's very sad. The vet told us when we picked her up that every time they woke her up to check on her she would cry. I'm waiting for the next 9 days to be over with so she can be herself again.
 Sweet girl sun bathing in her cone.
 Leo wanted to be outside too(: