Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tea Lover // Keruig

Let's talk about the best creation on earth: a keurig or any single serve appliance for that matter. When you drink as much tea as i do but it's only you drinking it; or if you are making hot cocoa, tea and coffee its really nice. I also had a coffee pot at one point, but it always was wasted, sadly. So, I recommend buying one of these (or one relatively like it) to start using. It's super convenient. It's probably my favorite "kitchen" appliance. I kind of want one for my studio, save me the time walking down stairs (; Anyways, it's fantastic. 

The coffee is for friends and family that come visit, I'm not a huge coffee drinker unless its a latte or a fru-fru drink.

 Two teabags, because I like it extra strong. Yum.

Mika loves to photo bomb often, I keep trying to get her to move, but she is begging because she thinks I have food (: Love her.