Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flowers // Spring {2013}

I've been trying to really brighten our house up with flowers since it is spring time, what are some of your favorite flowers?

I took Mika on a walk and found some beautiful flowers, so I ran home and got my scissors and a bag an took all I had room for. I love the colors in these.

 The round leaf <3 font="">

 Fake flowers, because sometimes you need flowers that last forever.

I love these thorny things. Perfect window accents.

See.. (:

I love sun in the trees, gorgeous.

 And, of course, I ended up doing a little rearranging of some clothes so they fit me better. I'm happy to be losing weight, but I've altered way too many clothes. But, that's a good thing. I, also, made a maxi dress (that was too short on me) into a nice long skirt. Pictures soon (:

What have you done the past few wonderful days?