Friday, November 15, 2013

Bits and Pieces // Baby Section

Sometimes we take advantage of things. I took advantage of space. We have had homes with two bedrooms, two living rooms, a larger kitchen and I have grown accustomed to that. Well, when we decided that we didn't need all that space because we didn't have roommates anymore, we downsized to a one bedroom apartment not knowing that I was pregnant. Well, come to find out that we were expecting and stuck in a 12 month lease. So, that meant that we would have a few months with the three of us in a one bedroom, which I was totally fine with. These pictures are from his corner of the room. He has his crib and a bookshelf (which I need to get baskets for) and also a chest for toys, which isn't picture. I must say, we are very excited for Alexander's arrival and the change our lives are going to have. January is a promising, yet changing month and we are going into it as new parents embracing the gift of a new child.
I absolutely love waking up in the mornings and staring over at the crib. It is against the one wall in the bedroom with a window and the way the light lays on the crib keeps me in awe. It's the perfect place to give our son. I just hope that I can give him the best.