Monday, November 25, 2013

Bits and Pieces // Dining Room

Our dining room is basically a cluster of whatever I feel like putting on the table and on the walls at the time. I'm still in the process of finding artwork and printouts because I am considering starting gallery walls with the empty space in there. I love any kind of artwork to put on the walls, but finding what works in our home has been challenging. When we first moved in together, I didn't really care or pay attention to what we got, which ended up being the wrong thing to do because most of this stuff I don't like or that I can get stuff that I like to work together. So, through a long process I will wean that stuff out and bring new stuff in. 
We don't usually use our dining room to eat in, it normally functions as my office space when I work from home. But, with a baby on the way, we want to start using it as a family dining room. Eventually, when we get a larger space I want to get a bigger table, so we can old our own events such as friendsgivings and family Christmas'. I'm really looking forward to the future.