Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Right now is the time to gather as friends and family around a deliciously hearty meal and give thanks. A lovely tradition that started years and years back when the pilgrims sat with the Indians. Our families don't have any major traditions and I know that gives Cody and I plenty of opportunity to start traditions with Alexander. I think one of the traditions that I want to start is having a basket that sits somewhere in the house and throughout the year we write what we were thankful for at that time. Then, around the thanksgiving table we take turns grabbing ones out of the basket and reading them off. I think it would be a fantastic reminder of what it is we were actually grateful for all year round, not just during the season of feeling thankful. I know Alexander wont be getting into that tradition until he is a little bit older, but I'm excited nonetheless. 

Here are a five of the things that I am thankful for:
1.My loving significant other who does everything and anything he can to support his family and show he loves us.
2. I'm extremely grateful for a roof over our heads even if it isn't exactly what I want in a home.
3. I'm thankful to have such loving and supportive families that will treat Alexander just how he needs to be.
4. I'm thankful for a job and having the ability to blog and share our lives with other people.
5. I am thankful for my womb-mate who will grow into a lovely young man. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise and Cody and I are both very thankful.

What are some traditions that you and your families have? What are you thankful for?