Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bits and Pieces // Living Room

Yesterday, I posted the first post in a new series called Bits and Pieces. I've decided that I wanted to share parts of our apartment and share a little bit about my style. 
On this wall, our apartment has 3 windows. Two in the living room and one in the dining room, so when the windows are open it makes the apartment very bright and full of natural light. I absolutely love it. But, we live on the first floor, which is kind of really awkward when the windows are open and people walk or drive buy. Therefore, I've gradually started putting up sheer curtains. These curtains are perfect because no one can see in and it still lets the light in. I absolutely love it. I still need to get a few more for the dining room, but I am happy so far.
I love to read, so a lot of the things that decorate our living room are books. Books that I have read, that I want to read. I try to buy bargain, used, or thrift and I love setting them about. I also have a chinese bookshelf that I have tons of books on and records. I also have another book shelf underneath our television that has movies, video games, board games and eventually child books and baby things.
I have a record player, therefore I have records and I like to display the album artwork. I think its fun. Also, I love having pictures of us and things we like around. Then random string art. Oh, and I love pillows. I'm still searching for pillows, but these are what I have as of current. If you know of any place to get pillows on a budget, leave it in the comments.
This is my spot. This is where I sit, relax, do work and everything in between. I also knitted that blanket (: I need to get more blanket. I love blankets. 

Do you have a link to your living room or your favorite parts of your living room? Leave it in the comments.