Monday, November 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces // The Kitchen

Living in a one bedroom apartment, things can be limited. As in what you can do design wise and how you can change things, so on and so forth. 
So, with that in mind, I can't really do much to our lovely little galley kitchen, except add a pop or two of things here and there. We have a lovely window with a window sill over our sink, which ads a lot of light to our little kitchen. That's where I will put flowers (real or fake) and some random thrifted trinkets, depending on my mood.
Currently, I have these lovely sunflowers in the window. I've been looking for different flowers to put there, even eventually a few herb plants or succulents. Except, around here, it is hard to find quality and in good health plants. I have a lot of goals when it comes to making everything functional in our small apartment with a little one on the way. I really need to get on to that, at some point (: 
Thrifted gem.
So, that big ol' gray box is attractive, right? I really can't stand it. But, this is our back wall in the kitchen between the two sets of cabinets. I made a little calendar so we could keep track of the days we were working and our ever growing hectic schedule. I love having pictures everywhere and I plan to keep putting them everywhere. I'm pretty cheesy, but I enjoy it making anywhere we live homey. It gets challenging sometimes, but I enjoy the challenge. 
I love having things displayed on the counters, but without taking up too much space, especially when you have very limited space.