Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life According to Instagram

1. New hair-do. I love it. It's the perfect spring touch for me. Also, my hair has been getting so long, I love it. // 2. A fell asleep while I was changing him, so I quickly finished and left him there until he woke up (only 15 minutes later) // 3. He always looks so cute when he is sleeping. I also love those pants. He doesn't tend to like sleeping in his crib very much. He has been lately liking laying on me, nonstop. // 4. I'm obsessed with elephants and my baby, so duh. // 5. #fromwhereisit at the dog park in the back of our apartment complex. It was such a perfect day, with perfect weather that I had to take the dog out and put sweet A in his Moby wrap and go for a stroll. It put him right to sleep, which was much needed.