Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday! I've really enjoyed my time off these past few days, I've done some projects, enjoyed the company of my animals and some friends, and finally have kind of gotten over my sickness. 

Here are some snapshots from my weekend:
This is my dog, her name is Topaz. She is a long haired dachshund, and almost a year old. I love her so..
Kitty: His name is Pele, like after the soccer player. He is almost 5 months old. He has a brother who is super camera shy and I couldn't get a photo ): He loves outside..
 Cuddle Time
 Dying roses, but I love them.

 I got this fantastic tablet, that I really recommend that photo lovers and editors should totally get. I'm actually starting to do some teaching tutorials or doing how to's on the blogs, what do you think?

Trying to be healthy and drink lots of water, but I always seem to empty my glass before I sit down. It tends to be contradictory. 

Having a good Sunday? What do you have going on next week?

Comment please!