Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blogging Etiquette

Our Golden Retriever named Pyrite
30/365: Blog Etiquette. Not something that most people would think about. There are a few unspoken etiquette rules, not everybody has to follow them, it's personal preference. I chose to follow some rules on my blogs. 1. No cussing, I want my blog to be appeasing to people of all ages and for their parents to be ok with it. 2. Not sharing too much personal information when it comes to relationships and personal problems. The internet isn't my diary. My diary is my diary (and Im not saying I have anything against people that do that, but its my personal preference for my blog). 3. Nothing inappropriate and vulgar, be it picture or content wise. 4. And to not talk bad about anyone or thing. 

I really believe in being careful about how you portray yourself on the internet. It is there forever. While you shouldn't be fake, there should be only so much you share.

Anyways, have a good evening!