Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner, Yes Please!

Last night, we decided, spur of the moment to have breakfast for dinner. So, we went to the store and got turkey bacon and sausage, bagels and cream cheese and everything else I already had. 

For the pancakes, I realized I didn't have normal eggs or milk, so I substituted with the Vanilla Almond Milk and Egg Whites, the boys liked it so much more than what they were like normally. It was kind of interesting. They were really good and a bit healthier (favorite combo). I, also, got to use my skillet I got for Christmas for the first time. I forgot how much I loved that thing!
These bagels have cream cheese and chopped up olives on them. There is a bit of a story behind these bagels that make them very sentimental to me. Aside from the fact that they are delicious, my biological father used to do this when he was alive and it's kind of a thing with my sister and I to eat these. They're delicious as well! I think you should try it. I'm thinking of having a blog post about different bagel toppings, will keep you updated!
I only ate the bagels (I ended up giving everything else to Cody, I was way too full).