Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration is Just a Thought Away

27/365: Live an inspired life. It's your choice the kind of life you live. Do you live for yourself or for others? Do you live to inspire yourself and later on in life down the road when you look back, your proud of what you did? Don't get me wrong, helping others out isn't a bad thing, but living for them is completely different. Basically, it's your choice to live life inspired, to be creative, to be happy. It's hard to find inspiration all the time and to constantly be creative and sometimes we have to take a step back and reevaluate things and get yourself back in creative and inspiration mode.

reorganizing, sometimes it just needs to happen.
28/365: One pair of eyes will see two different things. The way you look at life, a photo or even a painting. For example, our home: most people would walk in and see that it is a horrible mess (and most of the time it is), but I see something completely different. I see our life, in a big disoriented mess. It's obvious boys are in our house, it's obvious we eat and we have dogs and that we are still fixing up the house; to me that's awesome, to other people, its just a mess. 
ootd work attire
schoolwork. want to be an entrepreneur? Oy

29/365: Don't apologize too often on the internet, especially on your blog. It's not good when for when reading and we know, everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. If you make a mistake, just fix it. If someone notices it, apologize privately to them, but not publicly (unless its something legal).