Saturday, January 26, 2013


23/365: Buy local. It might not mean a lot to you, but to a small business owner, you know that these people are 1.trying to make a living and 2. doing what they love. Either go to the flea market or find local places, even local coffee shops and make a purchase. Small businesses really make the world go round when it comes to our economy. I support them 100%. Think about it next time you go to buy something that a local person might make. It'll make a world of difference.

 24/365: Small details (action) make the world of difference. /Remember that next time you act. Are you acting positively? Are you helping someone?
 25/365: We are at the 24 this weekend, and it is my first time going. While we were there I learnt that even the tiniest thing can change a persons day. Even something as insignificant as a smile. That one thing can change a person's whole day. And (like the commercials) it is contagious and they will pass it on.
26/365: I'm not the best painter, but a little paint goes a long way. I love the color white, and I love the color red. So, I painted the horrible looking tile in our kitchen backsplash, white. I painted the tan electrical outlet coverings, red, just for that pop of color. I, also, painted the countertops. There is a special kind of paint for it, so I went and got it and I painted our previously blue countertops grey. I like it. 

Not much of a lesson, but it still works.