Thursday, January 24, 2013

Open Minds and Hearts

19/365: Keeping an open mind and heart makes it easier to accept the challenging things, people and situations. It makes life more exciting and interesting when you keep yourself open. It keeps you less negative, less evasive and more into what you do.

planning station!
20/365: Quality over quantity. Especially if you want to promote your blog. I learnt that from Elsie Larson's Blog Love E-Course. It doesn't how many blog posts you post, quality is the most important part to keep consistent viewers.

21/365: Plan ahead. It takes time to put together a quality blog post. That is a super huge struggle for me. Time. Honestly, it's time management and sometimes I just don't feel like it. But it is good to know and learn that it takes time to do things right the first time. 

Blogger's journal

22/365: Journal, a lot. Carry one with you. If you have any ideas while your out, instead of trying to focus on remembering them (or even texting them to yourself), write it in a journal. I keep one just for blog ideas, so that later I can go back (especially when I am in a blogger's block) and I'll have topics that I can work with easily.
pretty lights in the living room. (ill share a home tour at some point!)