Monday, February 11, 2013


40/365: Combine two of my previous daily lessons: be healthy and take time, so take time to be healthy. It really isn't all that bad to start living a healthy lifestyle. It's honestly what all of us should do. People say, "oh its so easy to just pick up fast food." Well, it's also so easy to make a shake. It takes 5 minutes, not even to make one. And, when you go to the store, get less food and spend a little more time picking out fruits and vegetables. It's extremely important to yourself to be healthy. And you need to be healthy with exercise, whether its walking, running, riding your bike or any other kind of exercise. Check out this post on a Cardio Exercise I love.

41/365: Keep your energy and motivation going. A lot of times it is a lot easier to give up and stay in bed then to get up, wash your face and exercise. It took me sometimes but as they say it takes 16 days to break a habit or start something good (or its so many days like that). But, its really good to stay positive and motivated. Tell someone that your challenging yourself that way, either have them join you or have them call you to make sure you do it everyday (or whenever you do). A little support goes a long way.

42/365: Don't let what other people say to you bring you down. It really isn't worth it. Keep your head up and keep going on about what you do. You need to remember to please yourself sometimes. 

Ok, so enough lessons. Time for some pictures of this past weekend! Enjoy!
This is our Golden Retriever and our Husky playing with each other. I really love that they get along.
I started making my own air freshener 
It took some time and actually really didn't satisfy me the way I hoped for.
There was a lot of orange zesting and juicing and slicing and dicing involved.
Flowers from our push that I never knew had flowers.
I really enjoyed them!
Buffalo chicken salad, don't hate till you try it.
I'm really a hot sauce and chicken lover. mmmm