Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Red Velvet Pancakes

Ok, so you could guess why I wanted to make these. They're red. And what season is it? The season of love, Valentine's Day. C and I wont really have time to celebrate it together because we have way too much going on, but we are taking two minutes and eating this super sweet meal together. I love him very much, and I am very grateful he is willing to try things I want to make. 

 Ok, you'll need:
1 cup red velvet cake batter
1 cup pancake batter
1/3 egg whites (2 large eggs)
1/4 vegetable oil
2/3 water

Mix all the ingredients together and cook, just like you would pancakes. It really doesn't take very long. And they are extremely sweet.
 My food doesn't look fantastic, but it tastes absolutely amazing. I, also, make very large messes.
My Red Velvet Box came with the icing, so I used it. We couldn't eat all these, actually, we barely made a dent in them, but they were very very good. Try them out! 

Cook, eat and enjoy!