Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gulf Breeze Zoo

We went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo for a few hours. I love and hate the zoo at the same time; it stinks and the animals are caged up, but it gives us the opportunity to see these beautiful animals instead of going to Africa.
 He tried to get me to catch the rock in the air while he threw it. I have about 5,089,876 of these takes on my camera, and this is the only one I got. Our timing never works together. (:
 Tom buddies (:
 I want one...
 He was stalking the hawk in the cage next to him. The peacocks get to run free, the hawk wasn't so happy about that.
I hate cages.
 But, this guy can stay in his cage. 
 This picture and the one above are housed together in the cage. What? The porcupines porkies are huge!
 He was posing for me.
 Mommy and Sissy in law and llama
 I caught babe Instagramin' (:
 My buddy!
 This guy chased us all the way around his pen because he wasn't happy with us looking at him.
 The only zebra I got to see. Sadly, this zoo didn't have any.
Oh, this Camel. He was quite funny. He decided he wanted the cup.
Then he decided he didn't want it and threw it and spilt the food everywhere.

 Then, he picked it up and gave it to her for her to get more. Oh halfway domestic animal.
 He is so cute.
Have you gone to a zoo recently? What's your favorite zoo?