Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mika and Leo

Getting your home ready for house showings can be a very trying task. Thankfully, Cody has been such a big help while I have been working, packing, cleaning and playing video games. He has been such a great help (I'll update you on our house selling experience, later). I have learnt so much during all of this too, especially since I am the kind of person that frets over the silliest things, and this has taught me how not to do that. I've actually started to focus my energy on other things (like exercising, figuring out some healthy recipes and working on my coding). 

Anyways, here are some photos from today (:
 She is getting so big, it is absolutely ridiculous. She is officially 9 weeks old. And she has a big girl check up on Monday!
 Definitely recommend getting this if you have a young puppy, there is a free vet's checkup, cleaning, food, toys and tons of other offers. Definitely, think about it. 
 And Leo. Oh, our crazy cat. I'll have to share some stories soon.