Friday, November 29, 2013

Making our home Christmassy

1. Adding tea lights to mason jars and setting them about the house. // 2. Made a banner out of shiny red and silver paper (more on that soon.... and better photos). // 3. Made square snowflakes to hang over our dining room table. // 4. I love how they look with the lights on (especially at night). // 5. Added snowflakes over our couch. // 6. Still needing some new pillows, but I absolutely adore easy homemade decorations. // 7. Tea light lights.

We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations and while I have been on the hunt for some, I have made a few to keep my heart happy during this season. I more than likely wont be getting any until they go on sale or people start getting rid of more at thrift shops, so its a process. And I really want Cody to be involved in this process. 
Having a small apartment with not a lot of space as it is, it can get hard to have a tree and other things. What are some things you do to decorate during the holidays?