Monday, December 16, 2013

It's All About Tea // Stress

Sometimes tea time is the only thing that can calm you down. Stress has been very relevant in my life lately and sometimes I just need to sit with my cup of tea and think about what is really important and what's not. Sometimes our minds get caught up in frivolous things, mainly material things that just don't matter. Sometimes if it does matter and it is important we work ourselves up so much that we are just too stressed out to even think of a resolution. I get like that a lot. And sometimes I just need to sip on my tea and write what I'm feeling and most of the time I come up with solutions. Most of the times, it works for me. Other times I get so worked up I go about cleaning and being a real pain, and that's not what I want to do. I want to keep myself collected and organized and write things down.

I'm feeling particularly stressed out this week because it seems all our bills are due the week before Christmas.. isn't that just dandy. So, I've been budgeting in Christmas gifts (because we are so last minute) and our bills and it works just fine, but I let myself get worked up about it. They say not to share your problems with money or anything on your blog, but let me put it to you straight: we are only human. Money and stress and everything in between make us human. And if we can't be honest with one another and share how we feel then we aren't going to get any better. I like a space where we can share our trial and errors with coping with stress or what we have done as a great way to budget. 

So throw them out there. I keep a planner and I pretty much balance everything through that.