Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life According to Instagram

1. I'm handing down some of my stuffed animals and blankets to Alexander. // 2. Selfie, of course. That was before a dinner with a really good friend of mine. // 3. My fake flowers in the window. I really love having flowers, but I hate how quickly they die, so I've been trying to find different types of flowers that work for us. // 4. Alexander's part of the room. That's what I see when I'm laying in bed, so it's from my perspective. I really can't wait for his arrival, but first my baby shower is next weekend (: // 5. 32 weeks photo. I've been growing very tired lately, I do not enjoy it. // 6. Tired face and messy hair do.

This past week has been a long week. One filled with good food and a very lazy me. As the third trimester keeps trucking on I've noticed that I have become more and more tired and I just can't stand it. I really wish I wasn't this tired, because I know in the next few weeks I will of tons of baby stuff to organize and get ready for the little one. Hopefully this week I can work on getting some of my energy back. 

Also, the blog turns one this week! Happy Birthday Sincerely Me, Always! It's definitely been through some changes, and I would say for the better (: