Friday, December 6, 2013

My Pets

My pets are, in all honesty, my best friends. They love me just as much if not more than I love them. They are dependent on me and they know that. We've grown into such a routine. I wake up in the morning and take them out to potty, come in and feed and water them. Then, I get ready for the day and take them out again before I leave. They truly are wonderful and hairy and all things in between. Sometimes I feel crazy having 3 animals in a one bedroom apartment with a kid on the way, BUT it wont be like this forever. And I absolutely love these animals with all my heart. I used to think that I wouldn't ever care to have animals, but then I met these guys. Mika, the one in the top picture, is a shepherd/husky mix and she is by far the spunkiest dog in the world. Very protective of me, but not in a barky aggressive manor. Jazz, a.k.a Cat, annoys me beyond belief at times, but if I walk by he will lay on his back for a belly rub. I love that. He can be a pain when he decides to knock down the ornaments and candy canes in his reach on the tree. Now, its only half decorated because of him. Julius is a sweet cuddle bear. He hates cuddling, but when he is in the right mood it's perfect. Animals are work and I'm hoping that they will do very well with Alexander on the way. I'm taking the proper precautions with them when it comes to introducing them, but I'm just anxious. 

Some steps that 'experts' say to take are:
1. Get a blanket with the baby's scent on it and take it home to them and have them smell it.
2. Do a gradual meet. While you are holding the baby and our partner has control of the animal, let them sniff the baby.
3. Keep an eye on them and never leave them alone together. There could always be a bad moment, even if the dog doesn't show any aggression. 

I have faith in my pups, Mika is very loving. Too loving. She has also been very affectionate to my bump, so maybe she will do well with him. Obviously I will share all about it. I'm very excited.

Also, tomorrow I am 33 weeks and it is my baby shower. Definitely excited.