Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Painted Branches // Dining Room Decor

So, knowing me, I always love to change things up. Pretty much all the time, especially when I'm sitting around the apartment doing absolutely nothing. That's pretty much when I come up with ideas to do things, i.e. move furniture around, change artwork, decorate pillows, make blankets.. whatever comes to mind, I'll do. Cody has come to the point of when he comes home, he just asks what I have changed or what new project have I decided to start doing. In a weird way, I like it. It keeps my creative juices flowing, but being 8 months pregnant, sometimes I find myself in a bad 'I can't lift this' situation. So, I've been having to take a little bit of a chill pill on rearranging furniture. But, that hasn't stopped me from moving things from one place to the next. 

ANYWAYS, I was out walking our dogs the other day and I just decided that I wanted to take a few branches inside and paint them, especially since I have paint and brushes sitting around not being used...so technically it was a free project for me. This branch is the only one that I decided to keep because all of the other ones turned out just not right. This piece works perfect in our dining room and definitely pulls the curtains in together.

What are some fun projects you have come up with while sitting at home?