Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree

This year, I didn't think we were getting a Christmas tree. It just didn't seem practical to us, at first, in this tiny space. Then, I had went through a nutty nesting moment (actually, this was more Cody than me) and we moved the furniture around in our apartment (moving couches and whatnot) and it opened up a lot of space. It was actually kind of surprising how much living space it gave us. I liked it, a lot. Then, there was an amazing deal on the Christmas tree, so we just had to do it. 

I absolutely love it. I love Christmas and the lights and sounds and just everything it brings. This will be Cody and I's last Christmas as just the two of us and there is something very exciting about that. I am definitely looking forward to the changes that are to come. Anyways, adding a Christmas tree really did make our home what it needed to be this Holiday Season. It's pretty to look at and it just brings it's own sense of cheer. 
What's your favorite part about Christmas?